Karin Tidbeck. ©Charlotte Frantzdatter Johansen / Frantzdatter Photography 2013.

IceCon’s 2016
Karin Tidbeck


Karin Tidbeck, the guest of honor at IceCon 2016, is a Swedish author of fantasy and weird fiction.

Tidbeck debuted with the short story collection Vem är Arvid Pekon? in 2010, followed by the novel Amatka in 2012. Her first work in English, the short story collection Jagannath, was awarded the Crawford Award in 2013 and shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award.. Tidbeck won a Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Award 2013 for her English translation of her own short story “Augusta Prima”. Read two of her stories in English, “Sing” and “Listen“, online at Tor.com.

Tidbeck is originally from Stockholm, Sweden. She lives and works in Malmö as a freelance writer, translator and creative writing teacher, and writes fiction in Swedish and English. She devotes her spare time to forteana, subversive cross-stitching and Nordic LARP.

We are honored to welcome Karin Tidbeck to Reykjavík for IceCon 2016, this coming October.

Official webpage of Karin Tidbeck.