IceCon 2018

IceCon is a science fiction, fantasy, horror and comics fan convention held in Reykjavik 5-7 October 2018.

The program is in English and mostly literature oriented, but it is our hope to offer panels about other subjects too. To make that a reality, we  need people to talk about those subjects. So, if you are knowledgeable about a fan related subject, let us know.

If you have any questions or you want to lend us a hand, please contact us at icecon.reykjavik(at)


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Furðusagnahátíð í Reykjavík

Furðusagnahátíðin IceCon verður haldin helgina 5. til 7. október 2018.

Takmark hátíðarinnar er að auka veg og virðingu furðumenningar og aðdáendasamfélaga á Íslandi og að gefa furðusagnaaðdáendum tækifæri til að hittast og spjalla.

Viltu taka þátt í pallborðum, sem gestur eða stjórnandi? Viltu taka þátt í skipulagningunni? Hafðu samband í netfang icecon.reykjavik(@)

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Code of Conduct

We want IceCon to be a comfortable, relaxed and welcoming event for everybody. To ensure this we have a Code of Conduct that seeks to ensure that the behavior of any individual or group does not disturb the members or the event. We do assume that our members and attendees will be respectful to each other, but still realize that issues might come up. We will deal with any issues as quickly, efficiently and fairly as possible.

Read our Code of Conduct here!